State of Gray

State of Gray is a Arial view pixel style horror game based in an unknown timezone. Play as Marshall as he endevours the puzzling and devious depths of horror and darkness.

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Aldervinia is a turn based RPG pixel game based in a time of empires, choose your destiny grow to be who you wish to be, and build a character you want to play as in this open world conflicted land. Will you be King? Or will you use the war to earn your wealth? Or do you plan to take advantage of the war for your own dark intnetions?

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What is SkyBlog? SkyBlog is our own in site blogging system we built from scratch ourself. Do we plan on pushing it forward to public use like wordpress? Or Blogspot? It's in the air right now as for what we use it for now is an early Alpha setup which lacks lots of major features. right now we use it mainly for information purposes! (And some fun here or there).

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